children playing with dolls in water child playing with doll child is painting purple paint children mixing batter child feeding doll food child playing with toy kitchen children solving puzzle children playing together at the table child putting train on train track children balerina class with teacher outside painting with nature making leaf painting children with teacher planting children working together to make food children playing doctor patient children outdoor activities children painting on white board child painting on white board digging outside through new rocks exploring nature child placing items in cup holder illustrating skills
children digging together through nature nursery resources about to be put to use more nursery resources children using nursery resources to explore children utilizing seasonal food to explore children sitting in circle with practitioner playgroud fund supervised children playing in outdoor house children inside the outdoor house child sliding down the slide outside child riding toy constructional car trying new toy constructional car children enjoying puppet show by teacher children drawing together on table children baking together with practitioner children solving puzzle together more baking with the practitioner child putting flour in bowl child using play dough to create items child drawing book children digging outside the nursery children solving a puzzle together critically
child building with wooden blocks illustrating skills child exploring wooden blocks and placing them together to create child linking train tracks together illustrating functional skills children playing pass the parcel with toys children sitting down reading at the library children sitting together illustrating more functional skills children outside together wearing coats in seasonal weather more children together in the house outside children sitting on the train children engaging in scissor activities being supervised by practitioner child creates a neckless showing functional skills all children outside generally child playing with foil child doing play with teapot and mug child playing with toy tractor children wearing coats outside demonstrating functional skills child using magnetic letters to put on white board children digging outside near the fence with teacher children sitting in makeshift holders together exploring child drawing on paper with other children
child painting leaf from outside two children at the table together also painting leafs child painting nature child dressed up for halloween event child exploring how toy works child using functional skills with wooden blocks children playing with play dough rolling it together children circle time with practitioner child playing with colourful train tracks child putting candles on the cake showing functional skills children balerina time with dance teacher children outside in the house children painting together on the table with newspapers children in cardboard box showing creativity and imaginational skills more children in cardboard box nursery resources about to be used by children digging in nature building with colourful lego to the top children paiting with multi colourful paints together on table water play with practitioner